FUSION 5 is happy to welcome all cheerleaders to the FUSION family. The idea of cheerleaders (from several area gyms) coming together for the good of the athlete in order to compete at a higher level is very exciting! That is why so many athletes have joined forces to create our FUSION 5 All Star teams. We are all very excited about this opportunity for our young athletes to be part of such a prestigious group.

The FUSION 5 would like to thank you for choosing our All Star family! We pride ourself on providing a place for all cheerleaders who want to become part of our family. We have a place for everyone, where every child's talents can be utilized. We believe we can teach all aspects of cheerleading and each athlete will be pushed to become their "personal best!" WE GAUGE OUR SUCCESS BY WHAT WE SEE IN OUR STUDENTS... IMPROVEMENT, ATTITUDE AND EXCITEMENT!

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The FUSION 5 staff realizes the importance of teaching these athletes that if they love this sport and believe in what they do, anything is possible! It is our goal that our athletes will learn the principles of teamwork, strength, endurance, dedication and believing in achieving their personal best; then those principles will guide them throughout their lives.

OUR INSTRUCTORS AND COACHES HAVE BEEN TRAINED BY THE PROFESSIONALS FROM SEVERAL OF THE MOST-RESPECTED PROGRAMS (All Stars, gymnastics & cheer tumbling) IN THE COUNTRY. WE ARE THE AREA'S ONLY CHEER GYM WHERE EVERY INSTRUCTOR AND COACH IS USASF CREDENTIALED so you are assured your child is being taught by professionals who have undergone extensive training in safety, skill progression and the newest, cutting-edge teaching techniques!

Once again, welcome to our family! We hope everyone feels that sense of belonging and unity, and that this experience will be one of the most exciting and rewarding times each cheerleader has ever had.